About Nicholas Martinez

I am but one of the many Nicholas Martinezes out there.

Houston Born and Raised

I grew up on the west side of Houston in the Spring Branch area. My Father owned his own accounting practice, servicing the growing segment of Latino-owned businesses. He now runs a practice with his brother-in-law and 2nd wife. My Mother worked in food sales for a variety of food producers. She later shanghaied that into buying a restaurant for sale in Rosenberg, Texas. She grew that to the Enchilada Empire that is beloved by many. I had a Stepfather in my life for a formative 10+ years who was a machinist by trade but re-purposed his special set of skills multiple times. He was a trendsetter in the tractor industry and later made a stamp in the hydro-geology/construction world.

Houston Educated

I am a private school kid. My entire life. As a result, I believe it’s okay to be unique.

I started at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart, an all-boys Catholic school in Spring Branch. It was small. I graduated 8th Grade with nine other people. From there, I attended St. John’s School in the River Oaks area. By then, my Mother and Father had divorced and I needed to drive all the way into town from Fulshear, Texas. St. John’s School was the first time I had ever been around intellectually challenging people who were well-rounded. After high school, I attended Rice University, where I majored in Hispanic Studies. At Rice, I disabused myself of the notion that school is a place of learning.

I had always done well in school, but at Rice, I had to learn to do school well.

Houston Working

For a teased out version of my work history, I’d suggest visiting my LinkedIn Page. I grew up working in my parents’ restaurants and my former stepfather’s hydro-geology company. So I’m very appreciative of any job where I’m inside with AC, sitting, and thinking to earn money. Every…. day.

Houston Happenin’

When I’m not earning dollars to feed myself, you can find me about town. I also enjoy some of the following:

  • Writing literary fiction, poetry, or sketches
  • Doing an improv comedy set
  • Attending a political event
  • Socializing with friends over alcoholic drinks
  • Fighting dragons
  • Biking around town
  • Going to small, independent art shows

I said “some of the following.”

I am fortunate enough to know people in the stand-up/improv world and in the local/regional political world. Between these two groups, there’s almost always something to do. Socially, I don’t ever remember being as busy as I have been within the past couple of years. It makes the city of Houston a lot bigger. I love it.

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