Digital Marketing

My friends often ask me what a “digital marketer” does. They’ve heard the words before but no one’s ever explained to them what digital marketing is. As usual in life, people over-complicate matters for their individual benefit, which becomes a community detriment en masse.

Why Do People Need Marketing?

Imagine you’re a business owner who wants to sell a thingamajig. You’ll invest money and time to produce it, right? If you find a person interested in purchasing your thingamajig, then you charge the appropriate price to make your money and time investment worth it. Then you can do it all again.

Normal Sales Cycle

Do a Thing, Get Paid

But what if you want to sell more than just the one thingamajig?

Then you have to figure out how to reach more people who might be interested in buying it.

That’s where marketing comes into the picture. Broadly, marketing is promoting a company’s product or service.

Sales Cycle With Marketing

Do More Things, Get Paid More

“Traditional marketing” tried to get eye balls any way they could. In the past, it could’ve involved any of the following:

  • Inside or outside sales guys knocking on doors
  • Billboards
  • Sponsored events
  • Print ads in newspapers or magazines
  • Delivering inventory catalogs
  • TV and radio ads
  • Bulk mailings of newsletter, flyer, or postcard
  • Advertising through affiliates

What is Digital Marketing?

So you’ve heard of computers, right? Well, those things connect to each other via a massive collection of hamster tubes known as The Internet. And people access The Internet to see what information those adorable hamsters have brought them on any given day. Digital marketing is simply promoting a company’s product or service through a digital medium.

Digital Marketing to Customers

Sounds simple enough. So how do you do that?

How Martnehz Digital Markets

Simple answer: through whatever means can bring people to your company’s website. More specifically, I make sure your company can be found on The Internet. This can be accomplished through a variety of ways. Simplistically, I would ask you:

When you break it down like that, digital marketing seems simple. And it is! I personally really hate how much obfuscation transpires between the sellers of services and their buyers. Conceptually none of the tenets of marketing have changed. What has changed is the rabbit hole of data we now have at our disposal.