Email Marketing

One of the best marketing strategies a company can pursue is an email marketing campaign. Done effectively it can be the simplest way to cultivate your userbase of customers.

Email Marketing Just Makes Cents

It’s probably easier to make dinner plans with a friend than a complete stranger. (Now, I know you can come up with a counter-example where that over-arching truism is not true. So just work with me here.)

There are a number of reasons of reasons that an email marketing program makes complete sense for a company. It comes down to mind-share and then wallet-share. Does your company have what a potential customer needs? If yes, then is your company’s solution good enough for a potential customer’s money?

Why Email Marketing Works

I took a normal sales funnel and tacked on “customer satisfaction” at the bottom. Since the process of buying is conceptually the same as the process of selling, I figured I’d blend the two.

In a normal buying process, potential customers will need to QUALIFY what they are really looking for. They’ll DISCOVER what solutions are out there. They’ll EVALUATE their various options to purchase. They’ll start and complete their consumer PURCHASE. Then they’ll have positive or negative FEELINGS about their decision.Consumer Funnel

With email marketing, you can bypass the QUALIFYDISCOVER, and EVALUATE steps.

  • If they have a positive feeling from your company, then the EVALUATE portion shorten either by time or by emotion.
  • If your email list is detailed with customer information, then you can provide customers with a company-branded DISCOVER portion, selling complementary goods.
  • If you create a new product line, you might jump-start the QUALIFY portion by solving a problem customers did not know they had.

Why I Used A Money Pun Above

In addition to making it emotionally easier for previous customers to purchase again. You can also lower your cost of acquisition by “going back to the same well” to increase revenue. The cost of an email is pretty nominal. The real cost is ensuring it’s a correctly targeted group and messaging. If you invest enough time in creating good email, you can engage a client. Increased customer engagements will increase the likelihood they’ll think of your company the next time.

So It’s Fish In A Barrel?

Almost. Like everything else, it’s about your goals.

  • Are you trying to push product sales? Give customers a price discount on a consumable product.
  • Are you trying to keep brand awareness up? Give customers a fun, broad reminder why you’re a great company.
  • Are you trying to drive users to your website? Give customers an engaging tidbit of content.

Frequency, messaging, targeting, and scheduling are important variables you can tweak to maximize user engagement. Various email marketing platforms allow for this tweaking since they have A/B testing functionalities built in, which allow for randomized testing of subject lines, layouts, or messaging.

With younger users, you can be less formal with verbiage. With working professionals, you can bet an after-hours email campaign will get more opens than an early-morning one. If your list is all from Wisconsin, you should probably include snow imagery in any wintertime campaign.

  • How often do you contact your mailing list?
  • What kind of variety is there in messaging?
  • Is your list segmented enough for a sufficient level of targeting?
  • When do send emails to your customers?

All About Mind-Share

With digital advertising, you get 1 second. With email marketing, you’ll get 2 seconds.

Make that extra second count as much as possible.