Why Martnehz?

I get asked often where the “Martnehz” came from. “My mom” is my first answer. “My British chemistry professor in high school” is my second.

Life Is An Evolution

It’s interesting how one thing leads to another. Martnehz came in my sophomore year at St. John’s during chemistry class. Mr. Jack Hurst was my elderly British chemistry teacher. (Sidenote: it was rumored that he had invented the plastic in bacon packaging)

He had a darling accent. Apparently he’d never had a Latino in his class before (way to go, St. John’s) because the first day of class he did roll call. Being a Brit, he very logically pronounced my last name as Nicholas Martin-ez. And the high school kids took it from there. I became Martin-ez. Thanks to Courtney Blackburn, the spelling altered to its current permutation.

It would’ve all died in high school if it hadn’t been for Rice University’s nascent email policy for students. This was literally the year (literally “literally”) before they started automatically generating email addresses for students with a standardized FirstName.LastName@ format. Before that, you could select your own username. Not knowing I’d be using this email address for the next four years, I registered martnehz@rice.edu. And then it began.

Brand Early, Brand Often, Brand Everywhere

Brand Early, Brand Often

Not Always Great When You’re First

In 2005, a high school friend sent me his invite to this new free cool email service called “Gmail” and I liked my previously selected Rice username. Again, this is before the FirstName.LastName@ became a thing. I should’ve picked something else, but c’est la vie. Regardless, the email worked great until I had to start searching for jobs. When Twitter and all the other social media became popular, the bridge to cross was very short to make Martnehz my online moniker.

Gotta Stay Active

Gotta Stay Active

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Meta Martnehz

Meta Martnehz

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